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TBOS-Audition Set 1 by GreatGrendel TBOS-Audition Set 1 by GreatGrendel
This is set 1 of 2, the other will be uploaded shortly

also I will be polishing this in the coming weeks.


Page 1
Panel 1; Establishing, borderless landscape, the terrain of Ciruiacc, a hotspring bubbles at the top of a hill, surrounded by thistles and other vegetation.
Panel 2; mid; a hooded figure, barrel chested, stands over a spring
Panel 3; close of verdant landscape figure fills a vial with water from the spring
Panel 4; long, Bird skeleton in foreground partially concealed by bush, this is a wild and untamed land, displayed in the rocks and crags of the place and the danger cemented by this image. figure stands and takes a drink of the water he's collected in back by spring
Panel 5; close/mid, Adelai smirks as he lowers the now empty vial from his lips.
Adelai: “Excellent. Just as expected.”
Page 2
Panel 1; wide, Adelai draws a larger flask from his robe and kneels as if to fill it from the pool. Staff is visible arm enters reaching for staff
Panel 2; Close on Adelai's left eye, squints, looks
Panel 3; Worm's Eye, Adelai spins, swinging a beautiful sword quickly in a deadly arc behind him.
Panel 4; OTS (Mudd's shoulder) view of Adelai, view of confused expression, sword drawn
Panel 5; OTS (Adelai), view of Mudd shadowed on rise in ground, he speaks, “Ah, Hello friend, you seem to have taken my staff by mistake. I must ask you to return it... it's quite important to me.

Page 3
Panel 1; Mid of Mudd, looking comfortable despite juggling numerous items, while examining the staff, holding his walking staff under his arm. “Dis staff is way far out mon. I wonder what happens if I...” Adelai, off panel - “Yes, it is far out, of the reach of its true possesor!”
Panel 2; Mid of Mudd, surprised, looking at staff , Adelai from offpanel, “Return it at once!”
Panel 3; Close of Mudd's hand on staff, translucent hand, energy transferring into staff. Adelai, from offpanel, “Or I shall be forced to call the constabulary!”
Panel 4; Mid of Mudd, smirking, he appears to be standing in a stream of steam issuing from a fissure he's near in the ground “Well, I suppose I could get dis back to you mon, but you'd owe me a solid.”
Panel 5; mid, birds eye of Adelai, waving hand in front of him, “Brigand! Highwayman! Pickpocket! Staff-Snatcher! Filcher!”
Panel 6; Close, adelai pointing in front of him “Röazai! ”

Page 4
Panel 1; Geyser of water envelops Mudd, mudd: “Roa-what?”
Panel 2; long low angle from the mist on Adelai, clicking his heels.“ Haha, I got you now, robber...”
Panel 3; mid torso of Adelai, winded, wary “...thief... Where's my staff ?..”
Panel 4; Adelai spins and looks up Mudd, off panel - “Well mon, that none to nice now. Why d'ya hafta go be dat way about it?
Panel 5; OTS Adelai towards Mudd, standing on top of a cliff, holding Adelai's staff. Adelai shakes fist, Adelai, “Because it's my bloody staff, that's why!”
Panel 6; Close on Mudd “I seem to be da one holdin' it now. Doesna' seem to like you so much for what's yours.” , from offpanel, “That's not how it works you thief!”
Panel 7; Close of Adelai angry, Mudd, from off-panel“But it is nine-tents of da constable's rule mon.”

Page 5
Panel 1; Close on Mudd, smirking, “So, 'ow'bou'ti'time mon?” , from offpanel, “Excuse me?”
Panel 2; Close on Adelai, mouth open looking properly confused, eyebrows working furiously, Mudd from offpanel, “Da solid, mon. -da favor.” , “Absolutely not. I do not negotiate with terrorists.”
Panel 3; long of Mudd, still smirking, turning away from on top of the cliff, “Well mon, I guess I'll just be keeping de stick den.”
Panel 4; Close of Adelai looking thoughtful, concerned, possibly constipated.
Panel 5; OTS from Adelai, watching Mudd walk away.
Panel 6; Mudd grows farther away, Adelai, “Wait!”
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DarthVengeance0325 Featured By Owner May 18, 2011  Hobbyist Writer
Mudd is Jamaican now. This should be fun.
GreatGrendel Featured By Owner May 20, 2011  Student Digital Artist
or at least he was acting that way ^_~
Savari07 Featured By Owner May 18, 2011
I agree with Rax, I understood everything even without the explanations at the bottom. Awesome work so far!
GreatGrendel Featured By Owner May 18, 2011  Student Digital Artist
danke schön! glad it's clear enough to communicate even though it isn't pretty. ^_~
Raxion Featured By Owner May 18, 2011  Professional Digital Artist
Even in this raw state it's still very good! I look forward to seeing where you go dude!
GreatGrendel Featured By Owner May 18, 2011  Student Digital Artist
thank you. The other pages were probably better, but they have been lost to the digital ether I am sad to say. Though the second set of the rough pages will be coming soon (I also uploaded the script to assist in reading this one ;-; )
Raxion Featured By Owner May 18, 2011  Professional Digital Artist
Lol, such is fate, pick up, and do it again, twice as good, twice as fast!
GreatGrendel Featured By Owner May 18, 2011  Student Digital Artist
seems to be how I'm working nowadays, twice as good at least, if perhaps not as fast ^_~
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